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Secret #1 – Did you know that QVC presents 1150 products each week and approximately 286 are completely new on their viewing audience?

This means that in case you have a fresh product or invention, they may be seeking you at this time.

Could you imagine the number of products they should see in order to find 286 that happen to be worthy being on-air? Should you consider that only try this web-site is successful and assume exactly the same percentage to get a shopping channel like QVC, then they would be required to see 3146 products to be able to pick out 286. This simply means these are actively looking for great products and inventions.

Secret #2 – Did you know that Most Successful Companies make use of an Agent to have on QVC?

Joan Rivers, Donald Trump, Paula Abdul, Tony Robbins, Ron Popeil – all of them use agents to have on QVC. Not because they’re too big, but because they know that the relationships agents have to QVC buyers are the way to succeed.

It can be estimated that 70% in the jobs people get can be found through someone they understand, why should networking towards you into selling on QVC be any different. Why reinvent the wheel? If InvenitHelp big guys are using a real estate agent to open up the entrance for them and secure a purchase order for products or inventions why shouldn’t you?

QVC may be the largest Home Shopping Channel on earth reaching over 165 million viewers worldwide. With this particular much likelihood of your product at risk, you may bet the competition to obtain on QVC is fierce.

Nick Romer, bestselling author of “Make Millions Selling On QVC,” states that it’s harder to get on this hyperlink than it is to go into a movie with Al Pacino or Robert DeNiro and knowing someone with the right connections could drastically speed your way to marketing for the masses.”

Secret #3 – QVC airtime is FREE

The reason why most companies visit QVC with their products is since it is a fundamental part of their marketing campaigns. They normally use QVC to kick-off their product because they can

1. Earn money by selling their product, and

2. The airtime costs nothing. So, selling your product on QVC is similar to possessing a commercial on national television but without the fee for having to purchase it

Secret #4 – How to Get on QVC

Obtain an agent containing experience that can help you.

Start with contacting your local chapter of article to determine if anyone there has connections to some QVC Agent or Rep. You may also exhibit at invention conventions and industry tradeshows. They often times attract QVC buyers and agents and you may obtain a summary of attendees in the sponsor from the tradeshow to find out if any agents in the shopping channels will be in attendance.

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